Getting stronger is badass. Conquer key traditional strength training benchmarks so you can gain new muscle, move better and feel stronger than ever. These type of workouts are an energizing fusion of strength training paired with a variety of elements such as tempo, supersets, rep schemes and more. Get used to your friends asking you about where you work out…they’re going to notice. .

Searching for that“runners high” you hear so much about? Get it here. Join the cult of members who secretly love the sweat. Uptempo. Heart-pumping. Invigorating. Energetic! You will move your entire body, get better at skills like changing direction quickly and balancing better. You will also see significant improvements in your cardiovascular ability. You’ll be cruising through 5k’s and will outlast your kids on the playground in no time.


Our Durability workouts help you move better and reduce the risk of injury in the gym and in life. These workouts are functional and will challenge all planes of movement. It challenges you in all directions. It enhances your ability to deadlift better, pick up your kids off the ground safely, and improves your overall ability to move more over your lifespan without injury or pain. We sprinkle aspects of Durability all throughout our programming and designating specific workouts to the cause!

This is where we also welcome Dr. Ryan, PT, DPT and Dr. Jill Schott to the chat! We’ve turned our Durability training into a triple-headed monster between our strategic workouts and collaboration between two important therapy services.

You can find more info, including how to start with Dr Ryan and Dr Jill HERE! 


Deload Week – Deload week occurs every 13th week, after a full 12 week cycle has been completed. We know that recovery is an integral tool in healing and longevity. These planned weeks will also prevent overtraining, which comes in the form of mental and physical fatigue and the risk of injury. These weeks will still have all of the aspects of your training that you love, just without the weights. You’ll absolutely feel recovered, all in preparation for…

Field Day – Your new favorite day at the gym! We will host Field Day on the Friday and Saturday of every deload week. Field Day is in place of your normal workout. This is where you take your hard work and put it to the test. This is a performance driven workout that challenges you to crush your old benchmarks, or create new ones that you can track and conquer along the way!

Happy Hour – All hard work should be rewarded! Plan on partying with your fellow Plank’d Team Members on Field Day Friday. We’ll celebrate with drinks, food and more!”

Check out the entire 52-Week Program Breakdown HERE