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You’ll never feel that “blah” unaccomplished feeling after leaving a gym again. Each workout is absolutely, positively going to kick your ass in the best way!


Just short of stalking you at your home (jk), we’ll make sure you stay consistent and keep with it for the long haul. When most people fall off and quit, you’ll be thriving!

Flexible Routine

We understand life is busy! Imagine being able to stick to a plan regardless of what kind of curveballs, diapers or Zoom meetings life throws at you.

Why Plank’d Fitness?

Get Results That Stick


Get Results That Stick

Why Plank’d Fitness

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“I’ve been to other gyms in the area. Plank’d Fitness is the best in the business. They have the entire package dialed in. Ilove it and can’t go anywhere else. I have been a member since 2017 and never looked back.”

~ Cheryl B

“Best thing I ever did for myself! I’ve been attending group fitness classes here for 3.5 years now. I always regret missing aworkout, never regret going to one! Fun, challenging, empowering- lots of support and encouragement from staff and othermembers. Clean and well run!”

~ Marj H

“I’ve worked out for years in gyms. It wasn’t until I joined Plank’d a year ago that I realized I was beating my body up at all theother gyms. Andy has helped me to realize that it’s about working smarter, not harder. The stretching that is incorporateddaily is often overlooked at other gyms. The small tweaks that Andy uses to adjust personal form makes a huge difference inperformance. Planked is definitely worth the investment of a healthy body and strong body.”

~ Joanna B