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Structure, Accountability and Progress. Defining elements of our programming since our start in 2017. Our proprietary Plank’d Fitness 3D Training Model (PF3D) is what keeps the results pouring in!
We’ve been nerdy. Taking years of results-driven data has created something epic! By fusing our fun, award-winning group fitness workouts with actual data and results you can see why we have been voted Best of Delco in Group Training from 2018-2022.

The PF3D Training Program

No more throwing darts at random workout’s of the day
We’ve planned an entire 52-week long training cycle geared to get you results. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you can jump right in!
It’s an easy to follow method: Work, Recover, See Progress, Repeat.
There are 4 yearly cycles to our training. The year long calendar is split into four, 12-week training cycles capped with a recovery week. At the end of our recovery week is the best day of the year…Field Day. It’s like a progress checkpoint so we can see how well you are doing, or what we can help you improve on!
Each workout is a tool with its own specific style and strategy. We have developed a more effective (and nerdier) way to get you the best results. You will notice three key words that explains our PF3D Fitness Model.